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How to trade Forex?

Rule 1: struggle for success

The main rule of success is that it must be fought for. No business will be profitable without efforts. To understand how to trade Forex, you need to carefully plan the results of your trade, whether they are long-term or short-term. Experienced traders make their own trading schemes and watch the charts, taking into account the slightest changes in the price and time movement. Gradually, with the accumulation of experience, the user will be able to understand the causes and consequences of market processes.

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Copper has risen in price twice more than gold

At the auction on the London Metal Exchange copper futures showed a noticeable increase

The result of the week was a noticeable rise in price of copper: along with a daily increase of 0.57% on Friday November 24, its price since the beginning of the year has risen in price by 26.5%, to $ 7003 per ton. Copper, therefore, has grown in price twice as much as gold, the troy ounce of which has risen since the beginning of the year by only 12.15%, to 1287.96 dollars. Copper on the world’s key global site – in London – has become more expensive against the backdrop of a record two-month decline in the volume of stocks of this metal. The weekly decline of this indicator, by 14%, became the strongest in 12 years. For a week copper has risen in price thus on 3,4%. Continue reading

The week ended with a rise in price of aluminum

Since the beginning of the year, aluminum has increased by 29.47%, surpassing gold, silver and oil

Aluminum broke into the forefront of the rise in price: at the end of the week, this metal, having grown 2.05%, began to cost 29.47% more expensive than at the beginning of this year. Its price is 2191 dollars per ton. This metal has risen in price more than gold and silver – they have increased in price by 10.66% and 2.76% respectively since the beginning of the year. Oil quotes also look modest against aluminum: the barrel of oil WTI has risen in price by 8.58% (to 58.33 dollars) for almost 12 months, and the barrel of Brent crude for the same period – by 14.45%, to 65.03 dollars. Continue reading

The course of Bitcoin could collapse to zero – Morgan Stanley Analysts saw serious risks in the system of crypto-currency

The bitcoin rate, which fell by a third relative to its maximum, could fall to zero if it is not accepted as a means of payment. This forecast was voiced by experts of the investment bank Morgan Stanley according to the results of the research of the crypto currency market, writes Business Insider.

The reason for the possible drop in the bitcoin rate may be that only a few are ready to accept it as a means of payment, analyst James Fawcett notes. According to Morgan Stanley, out of 500 of the world’s largest online retailers, only three players take bitcoin as a settlement. This fact, analysts believe, indicates that bitcoin may depreciate in the future. Continue reading

UK will pay $ 52 billion to withdraw from the EU

Foggy Albion has already lost hundreds of billions of dollars because of the start of Brexit
London agreed with Brussels on the amount that the British government will have to pay to allow the EU to give “good” to Britain’s withdrawal from the EU, that is, to implement the will of the majority of Britons who voted in favor of Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union at the referendum on 23 June 2016 for Brexit. The very agreement on the withdrawal of the UK from the EU will be ready only by October next year. Continue reading