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What awaits the global economy: Goldman Sachs unveiled the forecast

Goldman Sachs expects in 2018 further growth of the global economy. This is reported by the CNBC channel.

According to analysts of the world investor, this year economic growth will be accelerated all over the world. So, the largest economy of the eurozone in Germany in the third quarter grew by 0.8%, and in Japan, economic growth lasted seven quarters in a row. The US also did not lag behind and showed 3% of economic growth in the third quarter. Continue reading

The rate of the Turkish lira fell to a record low

Inexpensive monetary unit of Turkey can contribute to the development of the tourism sector of this country

The Turkish lira on November 21 had a record-breaking loss in value. In Ankara, key foreign currencies have risen to absolute highs for this country. The US dollar rate soared to 3.9776 Turkish lira, and the euro to 4.6474 TL (the daily decline in the value of the Turkish lira to the currency of 19 eurozone countries was 1.32%). The weakening of the monetary unit of Turkey opens an opportunity for Ankara to increase the use of the potential of the tourism industry. In particular, already against the background of the weakening of the Turkish lira, the tourist flow to Turkey from Russia increased this year to 2.5 million tourists, that is, more than 11 times compared to last year. Continue reading

The Dow Jones index set a historic record

One of the main indicators of the “pulse” of trading on Wall Street in the 70th time in a year has updated the record value

The Dow Jones index for the 70th time updated its own record for the year – this is observed for the first time in the history of watching it. Appetite of investors to American stocks is obvious, even though the US Federal Reserve has already “twirled” the dollar crane three times a year, showing that dollar loans are becoming more expensive. At the same time, not all sectors feel equally well: the shares of the US energy sector collapsed on average by 1.8%, which was the most powerful collapse this year. Continue reading

FRB of New York: in November in the US prices rose by 2.95%

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York notes a record rise in prices in the US economy

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York cited data on inflation in the US economy, measured by the method of the underlying inflation gauge (UIG). According to the data of the bank, which is part of the US Federal Reserve, in November prices in the US economy accelerated to 2.95% against 2.91% in October. At the same time, gasoline prices jumped by 15.8%. Continue reading