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Euro has fallen in price against the backdrop of political disagreements in Germany

Berlin failed to form a coalition government, which caused concern among investors in the world.
The euro depreciates on Monday to the US dollar. According to the data at 14:45 Moscow time on November 20, the euro fell by 0.0763% to the level of 1.1787 US dollars. The main reason for the depreciation of the currency of the 19 countries of the eurozone was that in the key economy of both the eurozone and the EU – Germany – there was a failure in the negotiations between the various parties whose representatives went to the Bundestag elections to form a new government. Berlin is in a situation where, for the first time in the entire post-war history of Germany, it is possible to hold re-elections to the parliament of this country.
The American currency, using the weakness of the euro, tried to strengthen also to other currencies. Thus, the US dollar managed to grow by 0.05% to the Japanese yen in the morning, but, in the second half, this growth came to naught. In daily expression, the indicator of the value of the American currency – the dollar index – shows an increase of 0.26% to 93.91 points, but keeping the decline from the beginning of the year by 8.12%.
Oil continues to trade at high levels of the month. So, the barrel of oil WTI rises in price by 0.11%, to 56.61 dollars, increasing the increase from the beginning of the year to 5.44%. The barrel of Brent oil is adjusted slightly downwards, by 0.21%, and is worth 62.59 dollars, which is 10.17% higher than the January values ​​of this year.