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The price of WTI oil returned in June 2015

Against the background of interruptions in the supply of raw materials from Libya, the barrel of WTI crude oil rose above $60

On December 27, a barrel of WTI crude oil was able to overcome the $ 60 threshold, returning in June 2015. The main situational factor in the rise in prices were interruptions in the supply of raw materials from Libya. On the world market on Wednesday, December 27, thus, about 100,000 barrels of oil were lost. By the morning of December 28, however, the price for WTI slightly retreated from the taken mark, being at the level of 59.72 dollars. Euro on the exchange trades begins on December 28 auction in Moscow with a mark of 68.73 rubles, the US dollar – from 57.78 rubles. Continue reading

Pros and cons of investing in “mining” bitcoins

Pros and cons of investing in mining bitcoinsHow correctly to mine digital coins and why is it more profitable to earn crypto money than to buy?

Cryptoeconomy is on take-off: if in mid-2016 the sector of crypto-currency was estimated at $ 285 million, then in December 2017, the capitalization of this market overcame the barrier of $ 600 billion (given by CoinMarketCap).

In the wake of information populism, massive advertising in social networks and media, an ordinary private investor feels like a guest on someone else’s holiday: everyone advises not to miss the moment and invest in the crypto industry, but nobody knows how to do it correctly. The market still has an acute lack of information to make informed investment decisions. Continue reading

FRB of New York: in November in the US prices rose by 2.95%

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York notes a record rise in prices in the US economy

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York cited data on inflation in the US economy, measured by the method of the underlying inflation gauge (UIG). According to the data of the bank, which is part of the US Federal Reserve, in November prices in the US economy accelerated to 2.95% against 2.91% in October. At the same time, gasoline prices jumped by 15.8%. Continue reading

The US and the EU intend to ban the majority of offshore companies in the world

Washington intends to begin to reduce the budget deficit, and in Brussels are concerned about the decline in investments in the European economy

At the same time, Washington and Brussels are receiving signals that the US and EU financial authorities intend to prohibit the use of a number of offshore jurisdictions for American and European companies. It’s not just about classic offshore territories, where information about the owners of registered companies is kept anonymously. De facto, it is about the possibility that financial schemes connected with tax cuts using those tax jurisdictions where there are below the world average rates of certain types of taxes may be banned. Washington intends to implement a number of similar actions, which are connected with the desire to begin to reduce the budget deficit, exceeding 3% of US GDP. Continue reading

Consumers in China took a record number of loans

Total debt in the economy of The Celestial Empire exceeds 260% of GDP  of China continues to demonstrate a debt model of development. The latest figures from the National Bank of China shows that in November residents of this country took loans in banks 1.7 times more than in October. In total for the reporting month, China’s individuals have totaled 1.12 trillion yuan more, which is equivalent to 169 billion dollars. The debt of households is more than 42% of GDP, and the total debt on the economy exceeds 260% of GDP. Attention is drawn to the state of the real estate market in China, which is clearly overheated: the cost of a house in Shenzhen, for example, an average of 44.4 times the annual income of the average family in this city. Continue reading