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The bitcoine rate is growing

The bitcoine rate is growing after a drop of almost 27 percent last week, as it follows from the bidding data.
Experts told whether bitcoin will be able to replace gold
According to the information from the portal CoinMarketCap, the most popular crypto currency in the world went up by 12.09 percent – up to 16.77 thousand dollars. At the Bitfinex exchange, the bitcoin price increased by 11.77 percent, to 16.35 thousand dollars, on the GDAX – by 4.08 percent, to 16.43 thousand dollars. According to the Coindesk website, the rate rose by 4.24 percent, to 16.41 thousand dollars.
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“They are good and useless” – the co-founder of sold his bitcoins

The Swedish businessman did not specify how much he had crypto currency and at what price he sold it
Co-founder and technical director of, one of the most famous profile sites on crypto, Emil Oldenburg said that he sold all his savings in bitcoins. According to him, investing in bitcoin is risky, because it is “as good as useless.”

A Swedish entrepreneur who has been living in Tokyo for the past three years has not specified how many bitcoins he had when he sold them and how much he had saved. At the same time, he criticized bitcoin, calling investments in it “the riskiest investments that can be made.” Continue reading

Oil finished the week with noticeable growth

The barrel of Brent oil has risen in price by almost 2%
Oil quotes at the end of the working week have steadily gone up. The barrel of Brent oil rose by 1.88% on December 8, or by $ 1.17, to $ 63.37, thus the price was 11.46% higher than the beginning of January this year. The rise was also observed in WTI: a barrel of this brand of oil rose in price by 1.11% or 63 cents to 57.32 dollars. Continue reading

Decline in prices in the real estate market in Sweden, reduced the Swedish crona The euro has risen in price above the level of 10 Swedish cronas

The Swedish krona has been devastated by a record this year: the euro has risen in the price above SEK 10, which happened for the first time since the beginning of this year. Investors are concerned that the real estate market of this country began to observe not only a slowdown in prices, but even their fall when some objects manage to sell quickly, only have to offer the buyer a discount of 15-20% of the market price. All this may indicate that the market not only has a “financial bubble” in recent years, but that it has now become blown away. There is a risk that this is one of the signs that inflated property prices in the Scandinavian countries, in general, will also begin to decline. Continue reading