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The Dow Jones index set a historic record

One of the main indicators of the “pulse” of trading on Wall Street in the 70th time in a year has updated the record value

The Dow Jones index for the 70th time updated its own record for the year – this is observed for the first time in the history of watching it. Appetite of investors to American stocks is obvious, even though the US Federal Reserve has already “twirled” the dollar crane three times a year, showing that dollar loans are becoming more expensive. At the same time, not all sectors feel equally well: the shares of the US energy sector collapsed on average by 1.8%, which was the most powerful collapse this year.

US government bonds also demonstrate investors’ vigilance: yield on securities with maturity of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, a year and 2 years are at their highest since 2008. Three-year bonds are traded with the yield of 2009, and five-year bonds – with the level of return, which was last seen in 2011.

The US dollar remains weak, losing more than 8.5% to the six monetary units of the country’s main trading partners. The US currency is weak, even despite the Fed’s rate of 1.25-1.5%.

Along with the US, the rise in interest rates was also carried by the central bank of Mexico, which raised the interest rate five times in its country, bringing it to 7.25%. In Russia, the rate, on the contrary, was recently reduced – for the sixth time in a year – to 7.75%. In Brazil, the rate for the year was reduced for the eighth time, to 7%.