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The price of WTI oil returned in June 2015

Against the background of interruptions in the supply of raw materials from Libya, the barrel of WTI crude oil rose above $60

On December 27, a barrel of WTI crude oil was able to overcome the $ 60 threshold, returning in June 2015. The main situational factor in the rise in prices were interruptions in the supply of raw materials from Libya. On the world market on Wednesday, December 27, thus, about 100,000 barrels of oil were lost. By the morning of December 28, however, the price for WTI slightly retreated from the taken mark, being at the level of 59.72 dollars. Euro on the exchange trades begins on December 28 auction in Moscow with a mark of 68.73 rubles, the US dollar – from 57.78 rubles.

The US currency is approaching the end of the year with a disappointing result: since the beginning of the year to date, the US dollar has lost 12% of its value relative to the monetary unit of 19 eurozone countries. This decline occurred despite a threefold increase in the basic interest rate of the US Federal Reserve in 2017. The euro feels rather well, although the European Central Bank (ECB) plans to keep the policy of zero interest rate next year. At the same time, the volatility of the euro may still surprise traders: for example, on December 26, the short-term decline in the value of the euro against the US dollar, by 3%, was fixed in the world foreign exchange market, after which the currency of the euro zone regained its positions.

Debt securities of the United States are now traded at the maximum spread in comparison with the less profitable government bonds of the EU countries: in particular, the difference in the yield of two-year US and German securities is now at its peak over the past 20 years. The annual notes of the USA give now the maximum income since 2008 for the investor, and the majority of government bonds in the world, which generate negative income (and now are in the amount of $ 11 trillion in dollar equivalent), are concentrated in the European Union.

Among other growth record holders – this is copper, which soared to the maximum in three years, on the background of a reduction in the supply of this metal from China. Since the beginning of the year, copper has risen in price by 29.79% to 7185 dollars per ton. For the first time in the history of observation, copper rises in price for 14 consecutive trading days. In terms of growth, this metal approached the aluminum that had come off a bit ahead, which went up by a third compared to the beginning of the year, to $ 2,209 per ton.

Gold, which rises in price on 10 of the last trading days, eventually grew by only 12% compared to the beginning of the year, to 1,290.7 dollars per troy ounce.