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“They are good and useless” – the co-founder of sold his bitcoins

The Swedish businessman did not specify how much he had crypto currency and at what price he sold it
Co-founder and technical director of, one of the most famous profile sites on crypto, Emil Oldenburg said that he sold all his savings in bitcoins. According to him, investing in bitcoin is risky, because it is “as good as useless.”

A Swedish entrepreneur who has been living in Tokyo for the past three years has not specified how many bitcoins he had when he sold them and how much he had saved. At the same time, he criticized bitcoin, calling investments in it “the riskiest investments that can be made.”

According to Oldenburg, the main problems of bitcoin are high commissions and delays in operations.

“When people understand how bitcoin works, they will start selling it,” he said.

The co-founder of admitted that in the last three years his entire salary was paid in bitcoins. Oldenburg explained that “it’s time to dump the risky crypto currency,” and switched to Bitcoin Cash, a version of the crypto currency that appeared in August 2017. He called Bitcoin Cash the opposite of bitcoin and the “future.”

Recall, in the world a new crypto currency was born – a new fork (branch) of bitcoin, named Bitcoin Diamond, was launched.