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UK will pay $ 52 billion to withdraw from the EU

Foggy Albion has already lost hundreds of billions of dollars because of the start of Brexit
London agreed with Brussels on the amount that the British government will have to pay to allow the EU to give “good” to Britain’s withdrawal from the EU, that is, to implement the will of the majority of Britons who voted in favor of Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union at the referendum on 23 June 2016 for Brexit. The very agreement on the withdrawal of the UK from the EU will be ready only by October next year.
London has already lost several hundred billion dollars during the Brexit process. First, a number of banking structures withdrew significant sums from the financial system of Great Britain. Secondly, the country experienced a drop in investment in the real sector of the economy, despite the fact that London’s stock market feels better. “Brexit” turned for ordinary British record for several years, rising prices, a decrease in the purchasing power of the pound sterling, as well as a corresponding drop in retail turnover. Great Britain also withdrew from the top five countries of the world, where the most wealthy people, being on this parameter in sixth place.
The British pound sterling reacted to the latest news with a decrease. For the day of December 8, it lost 0.56% of its value to the US currency, falling to $ 1.34. In Russia, the official rate of the UK monetary unit with calculations on December 9 is 80.0532 rubles per pound sterling.
The decline in the value of the British pound sterling brought not only a headache for the consumers of Foggy Albion, as half of all products consumed in this country were imported and began to appreciate after the purchase price of the UK monetary unit decreased. The decline in the value of the British pound sterling led to a cheaper labor in this country, expressed through US dollars and euros. As a result, the automotive industry in the UK, for example, having released 1.7 million vehicles in 2016, has produced the highest since 1999. This year, the British automotive industry is looking to surpass the absolutely record level of 1.9 million units of transport produced in 1972.